Saturday, August 30, 2014

first things first!  look what came in my mail this week!  This awesome mary englebriet beach themed mug!   Sent from a dear bloggy pal,  Sandy McClay!  Thank you so much Sandy, soooo sweet of you to think of me!!! And such a perfect mug!  I love it!
Can you believe that it is labor day weekend already?  The unofficial end of summer..  boohoo!   Im not ready to say good bye yet.  Im not ready to pack up all my beachy stuff..  or to clean all the beach chairs, umbrellas, toys, towels and sand out of the trunk of my car!  there is a lot of sand in my trunk.  Even though this summer hasnt had the bestest weather, I feel totally content with the number of days Ive gotten to the beach.  And, even though its labor day weekend, Im pretty sure there will be a couple more beach appropriate days!    even in cooler weather.. a sweatshirt on the beach is still ok with me!  

Yesterday I had Torry all day while his mommy and daddy were at work.  So we packed up and headed to the beach at 11:00 am and stayed there til after 5:00!    We met a dear family friend and her 5 little red heads there. The cutest and most well behaved kids ever!  A last minute plan, which could not have turned out any more perfectly.

Jeanna (with me above) pretty much grew up at our house, she was my daughter Jen's best friend all through middle and highschool.  someone Ive always loved dearly, just like one of my own.  And now, I seriously love her bunch!   its like red head heaven!  

And, Torry had THE NEST TIME EVER!  He laughed and played and was so happy and I bet he slept like a rock last night! lol!  5 or 6 hours of playing and running on the beach has got to be pretty tiring!  And not a single fight, or disagreement between any of them.  They even played with other kids on the beach.  It really was a perfect day.

And so today.. its going to be another nice day.  Supposed to be muggy and hot later.  Im going to have little Violet pie all day and into the evening.   Ha!  I'm the one who will be the exhausted one tonight! lol!  I will probably take her shopping for a while today.  Maybe we'll go for a ride and stop to see Marla and Lilli!   We'll see.  

I did manage to make another little halloween friend this past week.  I have so many things in my head...dying to get out!  but.. I really need to start on those two big bear orders.  probably tomorrow since its supposed to rain.  ONce I get them all cut out.. Im good to go!  
As for Labor day.  Im about to make some phone calls this morning to check with all my kiddos to see if they are game for a lake picnic! (of course!)  I do think everyone is off that day.  Okeedokie.. I think thats all for now my friends.   
I know.. I write long boring posts..   but Im so glad you all come and read them anyways!  love to all my bloggy friends!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!!

 Another week gone by... time sure does fly.  I had friday off and spent time with Princess Marla, Lillipie and Tiffany.  we went to joanns, where we found this amazing kitty skeleton.  I didnt buy it though.. but Im not sure why I didnt.  I had a 50% off coupon.  I need to go back to get it.   They have it marked at 40.00 which is just ridiculous.  anyways.. Im sure bony neroni and bonitia neroni would love to have a bony pet!

They are waiting patiently in a closet upstairs for their time to shine..  I do think they need to have a kitten of their own!

During the week, I made a grumpy little halloween kitten...  I just needed to do a little halloween crafting before I get started on two big bear orders.  I wish I could say that its totally out of my system and that I am ready to roll on those bears.. but I cant say that.. I have more halloween brewing in my brain! lol...
but I do need to start those bears. and there truly is a lot of time before halloween for halloween crafting.  
Im so obsessed ....  
OH well.. in other news.. I am not feeling well.. I seem to have come down with a nasty cough and summer cold.  I never sleep during the day but after being out all day yesterday with Jennifer, I came home freezing and put sweats on curled up under a blanket on the couch at 5:00!  fell asleep and woke up sweating..  stayed like that all night ... hot.. cold.. hot.. cold..   and though I was lying down from 5:00 til 7:00 this morning.. I slept very little.  couldnt breath.. and kept coughing.  I really wanted to go to the beach today.  its going to be perfect weather for a beach day.. but its probably not a great idea.  tomorrow is supposed to be nice too (though not as nice as today), so maybe I'll stay home today and cut out bears..  then hopefully I'll feel well enough to go to the lake tomorrow. 
fingers crossed!!  
I suppose that if I felt well enough later, I could still go today.....  
ehh.. probably not though.
okeedokie.. Im off.. gotta run the vacuum or clean the birdcage.. or do something constructive! 
Happy Sunday girlie pies!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good morning girlfriends!

OH Girls, here I am!!  I feel like Ive been gone forever!  I guess Ive been busy!  Last weekend I had babies here all day friday and friday evening, and then the same for Saturday.  Sunday I needed a break and some quiet time so I went to the beach alone, rather then going to the buffalo zoo with the rest of my family!  I just needed to veg out for a few hours with my nook and 6 uploaded magazines!  I'd go back to the beach today.. but mother nature thinks its fall here!

 Then, I worked all week.  usually I only work 3 or 4 days a week during the summer and take vacation days on mondays or fridays.. or both!  But this week I worked all five days and I survived!  I'll be back on schedule for the next couple weeks though working  tues, weds and thursdays and having fri, sat, sun and mondays off!  I Cant believe summers almost over.. and like I said above... its feeling very fallish here.  rainy and cool..  though I think its supposed to be sunny today and tomorrow.. but only 70 ish.  I guess I'll be happy with the sunshine. 

So anyways.. yeah, see what happens when I work all week??? 
(the above picture?)  yeah, my sweet, loving coworkers started a little support group for themselves who have to deal with me... LOL!  of all the nerve!    They crack me up!  (they really love me though...they just like to mess with me... )
Towards the end of the week Tony went away for a couple days and I was busy cleaning up the house and getting ready for Friday night as I was having a girls night party.  I love my friends!   I honestly did not take a single picture.....  Luckily Tiffany snapped a few and I stole these off of facebook!  We had a few drinks and a bunch of food and a ton of laughs.  
We were playing a game called Heads Up in these pics.  a crazy fun game. If you're getting together with a bunch of friends, you should play it.  We got a little loud over here.. but we had a good time!

After everyone left, Jennifer, Bethany, Vanessa and I stayed up late watching Pitch Perfect. and then I slept late yesterday... til 7:00 am!!  (thats very late for me.. lol!)
And I did nothing all day long...  It was rainy and cool out and I was a lazy bum!  I spent most of my time here on my porch on my nook going back and forth between reading and messing around on line!

Today Ive got to go out for a bit.  I need a few groceries and I may take a trip to joanns or micheals.  I wish all the halloween crafting supplies were out already, they werent as of the other day.   Im ready to play!  Oh.. I did make something for halloween yesterday and I took a bunch of pictures of the process, which I will be using for an upcoming tutorial that I promised!  I may do another something else today, if I have all the supplies I need.  
So thats pretty much how my last week went.  Im off again tomorrow and have no plans yet.  I think it might be too cool to go to the beach.. other wise I'd camp out there for the day.  we'll see though... 
have a great day my bloggy friends!!  Im off to have some breakfast!  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

wanna see sumthin cute?

see I told ya!  
Happy Weekend bloggy girls!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Story time

 once upon a time, there was a box of peaches.    And there was a plain old princess.. who had the day off from work.. (cause she was a working princess, who takes lots of days off in the summer..)  So on this beautiful day that she found herself at home, as she sat having her first cup of morning tea, she kept hearing something calling to her.. over and over she heard this squeaky little sound... but she really wasnt quite sure what it was and she thought maybe she was hearing things...  but when she went to refill her cup of tea, she spotted this little peach.  He looked like he was saying something but she could not make it out what exactly it was saying.  The old princess found this quite peculiar and she thought she really was in need of about a dozen more cups of tea or so..  as she was surely still dreaming!  Peaches cant talk and they dont have faces and she was surely hearing things!  Around the time she went back for her third cup of tea, she saw that the little peach guy was now bouncing up and down and holding up a sign!  The sign said.. "turn me into peach cobbler please"!  
 The old princess was quite surprised and now realized that she was fully awake and that there was something going on with those peaches.  Upon further inspection, she found that they were at the perfect point of ripeness and that the peach had a really good idea!  so she dug out her favorite peach cobbler recipe and went straight to work.  she felt a wee bit guilty for slicing off that peaches skin and chopping him up, but it was what he wanted after all!
 soon before she knew it the peaches were all cut up and the batter was all made and it was ready to go into the oven!
 Before long the wonderful aroma of cooking peaches filled the summery kitchen and the old princess could barely wait to have a bowl of peach cobbler with yet another cup of tea!
And when she did, she was in belly heaven!
So much so that she then decided to make 
a batch of blueberry muffins too!
The End!

SO. there were two muffins in the oven and the first muffin looked at the other and said "Its really freak'n hot in here!"  then the second muffin looked at the first and said "Holy COw!!  I talk'n muffin!"  
heehee.. love that joke!   
ok.. sorry.. I guess Im a bit goofy today...  
So yes thats part of what I did today.  I also cleaned and totally rearranged my front porch.  I also had Tiffany, Marlaina and Lillianna over for a while.  And, Violet as well!  Violet is still here.  shes taking a little nap at the moment, but I need to get her up in a few minutes.  
 I am pooped out and full!  Ive eated one of those giant muffins, which took me all day and a good scoop of that peach cobbler this morning and.... I just ate two pieces of left over pizza from last night for dinner!
 Ok.. done entertaining for now.. I really need to go check on little princess Violet Pie.. 
toodles for now!