Tuesday, May 19, 2015

vivians life lessons... lol!

I posted this on facebook and figured I pop it on here too! so easy to copy and paste!  lol! 

I say this all the time..  (well if I'm honest I do judge a little..  we all do..)  but I usually say... I know lots of you dont like the F word.. I personally do.. (you probably didnt know that about me.. dont think less of me now.. lol! )   but whatever.. this is what I say.. these are like my mottos:  "We're all F'd up in some way...   We're all just trying to have a life..  Shouldnt we just try to help each other out a little bit?   There by the Grace of God go I!  and Treat people the way you would want them to treat your Children!"  Thats about that... ok.. thats all for todays version of Vivians life lessons! 
LOL!  happy tuesday.. (it is tuesday right?  yes it is! )
Happy Day! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

springy sunday morning

 Good morning all!  I hope every ones having a nice weekend.  the weather here has been pretty nice.. not hot and not cold.  Today should be really nice.  Spring is finally in full swing!  Thankfully! I woke up again to the sound of singing birdies and that always makes me happy!  Perfect way to start the day.  And I cant believe that next weekend is Memorial Day weekend already.   I guess I should make some party plans.  lol!  IMO on call again this week and it started out with a bang.  I think I already have 10 hours in since Friday night and yesterday.  With more to do this morning.  then hopefully it will be quiet the rest of the week   Sometimes I wish I could tell you work stories.  But I cant.  You'd be astonished though!  some peeps are cray cray!  lol!

So whats everyone doing today?    I have more on call home visits to do this morning and then I'm off to my dear friends daughters baby shower.   I'm dying to do some flower shopping... but I guess that will have to wait a few more days.  I really need to get my flower pots and window boxes cleaned up and ready first.   Maybe after the shower today I'll have some time to work outside.   I went out yesterday to pick some lilacs and it was mosquito city out there!  I think I'll go buy some bug spray before I venture into the back yard again!  

I have a lot of bear orders and my plan is to make one every morning til they are done...  lol..  or at least to stick as close to that plan as possible!   that's what I should be doing right now.  or getting laundry sorted.. or vacuuming..   but here I sit!

Hey!  down 10 pounds now!  woohoo!   I haven't had my blood pressure taken again since last Monday...  but it was 124/84 then.  I hope its even better now.. but I don't know.  I had some stressful moments this week... that pretty much probably caused it to sky rocket!  lol!    And even on call yesterday.. people were freaking out and blowing up and that was a little stressful too!   but 10 pounds down is a really good start!

So I'm thinking about a patriotic swap..  anyone interested? not sure what exactly it would be yet.  Gotta think on it some more.  But is there interest in it?

Happy Sunday bloggy pies!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

chatty cathy here

good morning girlfriends!  thought Id do a quick post with some mothers day pics!  I just think my little pies are the cutest darn things in the world!  I stole the top four pics from Vanessa's fb page.  Look at that sweet little Scarlet at the bottom left!  I tell ya, you'd just want to eat her up!  and Lilly in the top left corner.. omg.. shes adorable!  and almost ready to walk I think!
 well, they are all cute.. even with their mouths full of food...
 and even when they aren't cooperating because they are tired of grammie trying to get them all to look at the same time! lol!  I had to take Violets fork to get her to look at me! ... she makes the funniest faces when she gets annoyed!    ohhh   I love those babies!
Everyone had a nice time Saturday afternoon/evening, which is when we celebrated mothers day.  We all went to Tony and Nessas / Bethany and Torry's as they live in a side by side that Tony and Ness bought.  Great food and nice gifts and everyone was happy!  
Earlier that day I had gone to a doll show in Batavia.    I only bought a couple things.
I picked up these two little babies for pretty much nothing and I bought this little box of finger puppets for my pies to play with.  
 And what do you know? I won a door prize,  this little old dolly below.   I like her dress.  
So that was saturday, then on Sunday I hung around at home all day and then met up with Jen and beth and Torry pie for ice cream that evening.    the weather was perfect and it was a nice weekend.  who could ask for anything more!
In other news.. Robby and Tiffany closed on their house yesterday..  so I finally got to see the inside in person.. it is lovely!   I just have to show you some pics.. these were the realitors pictures.  Im so happy for them.
 They started moving in yesterday ..  
 still have a lot to move..
 Im afraid Robert will kill himself trying to get it all done and still go to work tonight.... 
 But thats how he rolls...  lol! 
 isnt it lovely?
 I love how bright it is. Lots of windows!

 and the floors are so pretty.
Big Happy Day for Robby, Tiffany and the girls.   And for me, because now they will only be living a minute away from me instead of an hour!  woohoo!
so has that been too many pictures for today?
Just one more thing..
I went back to the dr. yesterday and I had lost 5 pounds already and my blood pressure was down to 124/84!!  I know right?  Im a good girl.  Ill have it even lower before long.  I still have to go for an Echo tomorrow and of course I have a slew of blood work to get down.. but Im all good!  thank you all for your love, care and prayers!  youre all the bestests!
OK.. I really need to cut out some bears before I go to work.. so Im out of here!  
xoxoxoxoxo have a happy day! xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy day!

Happy Mothers Day 
all my pretty little bloggy pies!
hope youre enjoying your day!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

uh oh.

OK.. keeping it real with my bloggy gal pals.   If you've been reading me for any length of time you know that I go on and off of weight watchers and when I'm on I do really well, but then baked goods and pizza seem to always pull me back.. and whatever I lose I seem to find again.    I know the proper term is yo yo dieting.. I prefer to call it plain old lack of self control and stupidity!  but whatever,   I just recently lost and found 9 pounds again..  
this is not really about the weight issue this time..  well it plays a role in it.  
anyways.  for a couple months I haven't been feeling myself..   well I have, but it just seemed that things were taking more effort..  you know, changing up seasonal decorations and any kind of physical activity, just seemed to take more energy then it used to.  and I kept getting headaches which I never used to get.  chalked the headaches up to weather changes and possible allergies, and  I chalked the rest up to being overweight and getting older.  
but, this past week I had a pain in my left arm and in my neck that I was pretty sure was from raking but was nagging me and making me worry, so I finally went to the doctor yesterday.   
thankfully she didn't think it was my heart, but in my little check up, she found that my blood pressure was really really high in the "stroke zone" is what she called it.  160/100.    She put me on medication and told me to come back on Monday and to take it seriously.    sooo...   now that she has scared the beejeebers out of me...   you better believe the weight is coming off and staying off.. and there will be no more extra salt in my diet..  And there will be walking and some sort of  consistent exercise...
 too many good reasons to be alive and to enjoy life..   
so please keep me in your prayers while I change things up and get this under control.  I am a big baby and a huge worry wart and I would so appreciate your prayers.  So back to the doctor first thing Monday morning and then I have to have an echo cardio gram on Wednesday.   So keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you updated!   
sooo .. with all of that.. let me just wish you all a great weekend and a happy mothers day! 
and now I will be off to a doll show and to hopefully buy a couple new bras!  woohoo!!  lol!